OfferingThe Work 
of Byron Katie


Lisa Daley

Certified Facilitator of The Work

A little bit about my journey...

I grew up completely convinced that no one liked me. To protect myself, I found things to dislike about you, so that when it came out that you didn't like me, it didn't matter, because I didn't like you anyway. It was the only way I knew how to survive and wow was it exhausting, painful, terrifying & lonely. 

I found The Work in 2008 and it was the beginning of a massive unlearning. All the thoughts & patterns I had taught myself to believe, and used to survive, had to be undone. I met Byron Katie at her School for The Work that same year & The Work became my personal practice.  

I have attended at least nine Schools for The Work plus numerous other events with Katie and Certified Facilitators. In 2011 I completed the Certification Program and became a Certified Facilitator of The Work. 

It is my pleasure & great joy to be able to share this Work. Offerings include private sessions, introductions, small group series and workshops.

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