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of Byron Katie

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The Work of Byron Katie has been called many things - the End of Suffering, the Technology of Freedom, Four Questions and a Turnaround. It is a simple, accessible, and profound process of inquiry. It introduces you to you, without your story - whether your story is "I'm too fat", "He should love me", "She should listen to me", "I'm a failure", or... fill in the blank. Anyone with an open mind can do The Work and experience the peace and freedom that lie underneath every painful thought.

 At first glance it may not look like much, and in fact, it isn't much - 4 simple questions and the invitation to turn whatever thought is troubling us around. But when applied to real life situations - as mundane as "he should put the toilet seat down" or comprehensive as "there should be no war" with the willingness to discover the truth within you - everything you thought you knew about yourself and life can turn inside out in the most surprising and loving way.

People who do The Work as an ongoing practice report life-changing results, including decreased stress, alleviation of depression, improved relationships, and increased clarity and energy.

You can also learn more about The Work at and on Byron Katie's YouTube Page

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